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We chose the Madrona Tree as our symbol for our soap business. The Madrona tree grows in the San Juan Island area of Washington State. It sheds it's bark each year, instead of its leaves. We chose this tree to signify the natural soap shedding the chemicals which are in most soaps. The Madrona tree is a beautiful orange color. It's interesting and beautiful. It grows at crooked angles, and withstands the sea winds. 

Meet Your Soapmaker

My name is Lisa, I live on Camano Island with my sweet husband, and our five kids, ages 6-13. Our home is noisy and busy, and we love every moment.

I started this soap adventure after my last pregnancy when my skin suddenly reacted to almost everything I put on it. I began to pay close attention to labels, and realized that my family deserved better. That is what started this whirlwind- but I sure love it!


At Madrona Soap we’re passionate about making natural products that allow you to avoid the chemicals found in soap you buy at the store today.  Feel free to tell us what you think, or even contact us about custom orders or requests! 


We wish you the best as you're keepin' clean!

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